I feel lost anymore. Like I've been buried alive and I'm so desperate for a breath of air but I cant quite get one. I hear my heart pounding away. I know I'm still alive. I reach my hand up out of the dirt occasionally to a passerby, but I can't connect. I need to… Continue reading Lost


Peach “Candy” (Dehydrated Peaches)

It's peach season here in Ohio.  Fresh peaches are my absolute favorite fruit.  I ordered a ton from a local food hub and have been working on eating them and preserving them.  They are so sweet and delicious. Each year, I have to make some peach "candy" for my family.  My 4 year old and… Continue reading Peach “Candy” (Dehydrated Peaches)


Chicken Spaghetti

Today was one of those days with never-ending errands.  I swear I loaded, unloaded and re-loaded my toddlers into the car at least 10 times today.  Dinner time rolled around and we were just getting home (of course).  I needed some comfort food and had some leftover chicken I needed to use up, so I… Continue reading Chicken Spaghetti


Chickens – The Gateway Animal

Creating a more self-sufficient life is something I strive for. We've taken a few very small steps towards self-sufficiency like having a garden and planting some fruit trees and bushes. Hopefully, soon I will get our garden under control and in a few more years, our fruit starts producing. We've decided to take the leap… Continue reading Chickens – The Gateway Animal


Breakfast for Dinner

I start most days with the best intentions.  I create long to-do lists in my mind at night when I can't sleep.  I tell myself I will wake up and get it all done.  Then morning comes. I try to get up before my kids so I can get a little quiet and coffee in. … Continue reading Breakfast for Dinner


Mama’s Mac Salad

I love cooking. Growing up, my favorite was watching my mother and grandma cook. Every time a dish was prepared and placed on the table, I felt loved. Now I try to make my friends and family feel loved when I cook for them too. Sometimes my meals are sub-par, and sometimes they are a… Continue reading Mama’s Mac Salad

Fiber Arts

Wips and Chains Excite Me

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I am a forever learner.  I've technically been crocheting for about 30 years but would only consider myself an Intermediate Beginner at best. I have many many WIPs (Work In Progress). I tend to get bored easily and find some new pattern or stitch to try. I am… Continue reading Wips and Chains Excite Me



This is the current state of some of my dreams.  Overgrown and overrun with pests. This is what depression and lots of bad weather have allowed to happen.  Looking at it and seeing how unkempt it has become is overwhelming. Believe it or not, there are some things we planted that are growing in the… Continue reading Unkempt


This Journey Begins

This journey began 2 years ago with a move from Colorado to Ohio.  We moved for no other reason that we just fell in love with the area. We found a little house on a hill with a few acres and I began daydreaming of a homestead type life. I've let life, depression and anxiety… Continue reading This Journey Begins