Breakfast for Dinner

I start most days with the best intentions.  I create long to-do lists in my mind at night when I can’t sleep.  I tell myself I will wake up and get it all done.  Then morning comes.

I try to get up before my kids so I can get a little quiet and coffee in.  As I sit and sip my coffee I tell myself, after this cup, I will get all the stuff done.  When I finish my cup of coffee and the little ones are still asleep, I tell myself that I can’t do any of the things on the list, because it’ll wake them up.  So I get more coffee.  Then, I hear little footsteps.

Once the kids are up, my day is a blur.  Diapers, drinks, food, naps, diapers, cartoons, diapers, drop teens off at friends, pick them back up.  Then finally nap time.

My 2-year-old is sneaky sometimes and snuggles me right to sleep with her.  Next thing I know, It’s 5 o’clock and hubby is on the way home and I haven’t made a plan for dinner.

Days like these, I feel like a failure.  I look around and see the house is a mess, the to-do list is still full and everyone is hungry.

I run into the kitchen, yank open the fridge hoping there is something quick and easy sitting inside, nope. So I pull open the freezer and stare at all the frozen stuff that would take forever to defrost then cook.  So I go to the pantry, Yes! Breakfast for dinner!  I grab a pack of bacon and the Bisquick and get to work.

To make things quick and less messy, I bake the bacon.  A trick I use with a large family and a pack of bacon…I always cut the entire pack of bacon in half. This way everyone thinks they are getting lots, but really it’s only about 2 strips each.

Sometimes my older kids jump in and help out too.

At the end of the day, it all works out.
The kids think I’m being a fun mom, and the hubby comes home to a cooked meal.  I pretend this was my plan all along.  Everyone is happy.

Do you have a go-to meal for when you haven’t planned meals, or, overslept during nap time?

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