Oobleck – Sensory Play (with recipe!)

This Winter feels never-ending.  On warmer days, we can bundle up and go outside. Most days we stay inside.

I’ll admit, my kids have been getting a LOT of screen time lately.  They have a few things they love to play with like Playdoh and paints.

Both toddlers have been into watching cooking videos on YouTube.  I’ve been including them more and more in the kitchen and it’s been fun.  Sometimes though, I just want to get the meal made quickly and so I do it alone.

During the last storm, I remembered something we made in school way back in the ’90s.  The teacher said it was a substance that was discovered on the moon (not true).  The non-Newtonian fluid called Oobleck was mind-boggling.  You could smack it and it was hard, but if you left your hand in place your hand would sink in.  You could hold a hard piece of it for a moment, and then it would pour out of your hand. I decided it was worth a try with the little ones.  The best part, it uses only 2 ingredients which are almost always on hand. My girls enjoyed “cooking” this recipe.


To make Oobleck you will need:

  • Small Container
  • Mixing spoon
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 1/2 cup of corn starch


  • scents
  • coloring
  • glitter

Into the bowl, add the water and cornstarch and stir.  That’s it.  If it feels too liquidy, you can add a bit more corn starch.  If it’s too hard, you can add more water.

It’s really fun to manipulate, play, pour.  My kids ‘buried’ their LPS toys in it, then rescued them. Even my husband had a great time!

You can store it in a resealable container if you’d like to reuse the oobleck.  If it dries out, just add some water and stir.


Hope you enjoy.


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