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Chickens – The Gateway Animal


Creating a more self-sufficient life is something I strive for. We’ve taken a few very small steps towards self-sufficiency like having a garden and planting some fruit trees and bushes.

Hopefully, soon I will get our garden under control and in a few more years, our fruit starts producing.

We’ve decided to take the leap and get some chickens. 4 Buff Orpington chicks to be exact. They should arrive in the second week of August.

I’ve been collecting items to make a little DIY brooder for them when they arrive.

What I will be using is:

  • 90qt Clear Plastic Bin
  • Chick Heating Plate
  • Pine Shavings
  • Food and Water Containers

I set it up like this:

I plan to keep them indoors for about 8 weeks and then they will move to our coop outside. It’s been built for a while and just waiting for our fluffy friends to move in.

In the spring I will work on building an outdoor run for them. I’m too chicken (haha) to free range them in our yard. We have several hawks, owls, fox, racoons, etc patrolling the area daily.

Baby Steps, but still we are moving in the right direction.

So, stay tuned for updates on our little nuggets. We are all very excited to add them to our family.

PS. If you have any tips or tricks about raising chickens that you’d like to share, leave them in the comments.

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